HVAC systems are essential for ensuring comfort and good air quality in areas with extreme temperatures — be it the summers or winters, and Sacramento is no exception. But when you’re planning to buy an HVAC system, the first question you may have is — how long does it take to install an HVAC unit?

After all, HVAC systems are complex and require quite some work for installation, especially if ductwork needs to be done.

It’s essential to know this information as emergencies may require you to start planning the installation process quickly.

So how long does it take to install an HVAC unit?

Let’s find out.

How Long Does it Take to Install an HVAC Unit?

Numerous factors affect the time that it takes to install an HVAC unit. Here are the most important ones that you must know:

1. Area Size

Whether it’s your home, office, or any other commercial space, the first step in the HVAC installation process is that of inspecting the space that needs to be air-conditioned or heated.

In fact, it’s a major factor that needs to be considered before the installation process begins.

The reason?

Each HVAC unit is capable of cooling or heating a certain volume of air. As a result, larger spaces require a bigger HVAC system.


Additionally, you need to consider the various heating or cooling sources within and outside the building to further figure out the size of your HVAC system.

2. Nature of the Job

The other factor that determines how long it will take to install a central air conditioner or heater furnace is the nature of the installation job. Essentially, there are two types of installations: new installations and changeouts.


Typically, changeouts take less time as only a few parts may need to be replaced. The rest of the HVAC system remains the same in changeouts. For instance, if your existing air conditioning unit needs to be replaced, the ductwork will still remain the same. As a result, the time taken to replace the AC unit is the only time you need to consider.

Changeouts usually take about eight hours or a single day of labor.

Full System Replacements and Installations

Unlike changeouts, full system replacements and installations are complex processes and take much longer, but they can help reduce energy bills. The reason being that this process would either require completely new air conditioning installations or replacements.

In a full system replacement, HVAC technicians would need to install a new HVAC unit, install new ductwork and wiring, install thermostats, and much more.

HVAC Service

All of these tasks require time and will also affect the HVAC installation cost.

Typically, a complete heater furnace or AC unit installation for a home would take between 3 to 5 working days depending on the scale of the work.

Now that you know how much time it takes to install an HVAC unit, let’s see how you can reduce that time.

How to Reduce Your HVAC Unit Installation Time

To reduce the time that your HVAC technicians take to install the heater furnace or AC system, you can take certain steps such as:

Easy Access

Before the technicians come over, you should identify the difficult-to-reach areas of your space and make them easier to access. The idea is to ensure that the technicians face minimal difficulty accessing various areas during the installation process.

Preparing the Area

The other way of simplifying the process of installation is preparing the area well in advance for the visit of technicians. You can free the area of clutter and ensure it’s well lit so that the technicians face minimal issues with the AC installation.

What’s more?

It’s also recommended that you reduce the distractions that they might face, such as keeping pets and kids out of the way. This can help speed up the process of heater furnace or AC installation.


Q1. How long does it take to replace a HVAC unit?

A. HVAC installation or replacement typically takes about 3 to 5 working days when it comes to a full new air conditioning system installation for a home. However, this can take longer if the size of your home is larger. On the other hand, changeouts can be done in a day.
Q2. How long does an HVAC inspection take?

A. HVAC inspections take about 1 to 3 hours in the case of a home. For larger spaces, the initial inspection may take a lot longer.
Q3. Is it hard to install HVAC?

A. Yes, the process itself is quite complicated. Even if you think you can install HVAC units yourself, you need numerous tools and may face electrical issues.

The installation is best left to experts so make sure you ring Bradshaw Heating and Air Conditioning at (530) 903-6061. We also provide emergency service for your HVAC units.
Q4. How long does it take to become an HVAC installer?

A. It typically takes anywhere between 2 to 5 years to become a qualified HVAC installer and technician. However, it may also be possible to earn your diploma as soon as 1 year.
Q5. What is the average cost to install a new HVAC system?

A. The cost of an HVAC system ranges from about $8,000 to $11,000 for an average-sized home. However, the price would depend on the type of HVAC system, such as the central air conditioning unit, etc., and its capacity as well. Also, check if there are any coupons available for discounts.

Final Thoughts

To ensure maximum comfort when you’re living in a region with extreme climates, you should consider installing HVAC systems.

However, numerous factors determine how long it’ll take to install the HVAC unit. These include the area size that the HVAC system needs to heat or cool and the nature of the job. Typically, full replacements and installations take a lot longer than changeouts.

To reduce the air conditioning installation time, you can ensure easy access and prepare the area in advance for the technicians.

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