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The Best Air Conditioning Repair Service in Folsom

We are the go-to air conditioning repair service provider for thousands of customers owing to our quick and hassle-free service. Whether your air conditioning system is leaking water or simply won’t work, we can fix it.

We provide all kinds of AC repair services, including parts replacement. Here are some of the types of air conditioner units that we have expertise in:

  • Central air conditioner
  • Split air conditioner
  • Mini splits air conditioning units
  • Package air conditioning units

Our factory- trained and certified professionals can identify and fix the problem before you know it. We are experts at AC repair services, so, just call us the next time your air conditioner breaks.


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What AC Repair Services Do We Offer?

We offer end-to-end AC repair and parts replacement services. Whether your air conditioner is making a weird noise or simply not cooling enough, we can fix it and make it good as new.

Here’s what we can do for you and your problematic air conditioning unit:

  • Diagnose and identify the exact problem.
  • Propose and discuss the solution with you.
  • Repair the air conditioner to fix the problem.
  • Recommend if any part needs to be replaced.
  • Provide and install replacement parts
  • Check again to ensure it is functioning properly.

We can practically guarantee that we can fix all your air conditioning problems with durable effects. After we are done, your air conditioning system will work flawlessly for a long time.

Don’t spend another day without AC in this heat! Your comfort is simply one call away.

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How Do You Know When Your AC Needs Repairing?

Air conditioning systems are long-term investments and should ideally last for as long as a decade. However, due to improper maintenance and overuse, these may face some issues from time to time.

In case your air conditioner faces any performance issues, you should get it repaired immediately before it gets worse.

Here are some of the common issues for which you will need an AC repair service:

  • Water leakage from the AC
  • Ice formation or overcooling
  • AC making more noise than usual
  • Insufficient cooling or airflow
  • Bad odor coming from the AC
  • AC unit not turning on at all

Also, look out for spikes in your energy costs and utility bills as that could also be due to a problem with your air conditioning system. When you do see signs of trouble, call us.

We provide the best AC repair service in Folsom. Once our certified expert technicians are done with your air conditioner, you will not face a problem for a long time.


What You Can Expect?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which locations do you serve?
A. We currently serve the greater Folsom area.

Q2. What are your days and hours of operation?
A. Our business hours are from 7 am to 5 pm, Monday to Saturday. We sometimes work on Sundays but only for emergency AC repair services.

Q3. What if my home AC unit is beyond repair?
A. When we visit your house, we will inspect the air conditioning unit and inform you if it is beyond repair. In that case, we will recommend a good air conditioner with a high energy rating that you can buy. We can also install the AC for you.

Q4. Do you provide any discounts on your air conditioning repair services?
A. Yes, we provide some special discounts for military personnel, teachers, first responders, and senior citizens. Check out our discounts page for some limited-time offers and discounts.

Q5. What other services do you offer, other than AC repair services?
A. We offer end-to-end heating systems and air conditioner repair, installation, and maintenance services. Whatever problems you have with your furnaces, heating systems, or air conditioners, we can solve them for you.

Q6. How long has your team been in the air conditioning repair business?
A. We have over 34 years of experience in air conditioning repair and lots of loyal customers. We have done over 100K installs, repairs, and services. Most of our customers are repeat ones who call only us for air conditioning repair and maintenance.

Q7. How can I reach you for my AC repair needs?
A. Simply give us a call at (530) 903-6061 to talk directly to our team.

Q8. How can I make my air conditioners well-maintained and running efficiently?
A. You should schedule regular AC maintenance service and make sure to clean the filters every month, to avoid any problems. It also helps to buy a good quality air conditioner to start with. We recommend American Standard to our customers, as it is one of the most reliable and efficient air conditioners in the market.

Q9. Do you charge extra for working on weekends?
A. No, there are no extra charges for weekends. However, we are normally closed on Sundays and only take emergency work on a case-by-case basis. So, if you have any urgent requirements or a problem, feel free to call us.

Q10. Have any further questions?
A. Feel free to contact us via our website or over a call.

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